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Aug 2008-Present Major Financial Institution - Senior Consultant, Solutions Architect

Currently architecting a new Web 2.0 reporting RIA that will utilize Flex3, PureMVC, Struts and Hibernate running within a Federated Weblogic 10 Portal.

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May 2001-Aug 2008 Major Financial Institution - Consultant

Over 7 years with this client, I worked on many projects, several at the same time as well as working as an advisor on many others. Below are some of the highlights of those 7 years.

Succesfully implemented a project to move all aspects of a very complex application to a new datacenter in Canada. I architected solutions and gave recommendations during this project that saved the client hundreds of thousands of dollars in software costs, while improving the user experience.

Architected and helped develop a reporting application for an existing J2EE application that utilized Crystal Reports. Overcame many technical challenges such as how to deal with archival reports that can be over five hundred thousand pages long.

Developed a proof of concept involving conversion of an existing application to JSF technologies.

Designed an XML service-based front-end to a Weblogic J2EE reporting application. Five different applications have plugged into the reporting services at a great cost savings to their development.

Led the design and programming effort to build a Custom Reporting application. The application gives non-technical users an easy to use interface that builds a Crystal Report template dynamically based on user specifications. The template builder utilizes the Crystal Enterprise RAS API. The application was built on top of a legacy reporting application, saving development and future maintenance costs.

Built several Business Objects utility tools for the architecture group that utilized the Business Objects API for tasks such as report migrations, system monitoring and stress testing.

Large portions of a troubled Weblogic J2EE reporting application were re-factored resolving numerous issues of stability and scalability. The application was considered for complete replacement, but I showed them how to re-factor the applicaton, which saved money and has stabilized the system. The system is now able to handle projected report volumes far into the future and is very reliable.

Designed and built an alerting application. The application was built with C++ on backend and a Weblogic J2EE implementation of online interfaces. I learned XSL on this project and used it extensively to produce reports, graphs and excel spreadsheets all with the same XML data source. This project included evaluating graph packages and I chose the product, which is now used as my clients standard for graphing.

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October 2000-April 2001 Major pharmaceutical benefits company, Consultant

Re-factored the clients complex multi-threaded report scheduler in Java. Coded several very complex report generation programs including classes to output the reports in XML format using JAXP. Also designed generic classes to aid in generation of other complex reports and helped extensively with performance tuning of SQL used to access the Oracle 8i data warehouse. The application now produces reports in a timely manor against the billion record claim data warehouse.

Worked on architecting and programming complex multi-threaded report scheduler in Java. Coded several very complex report generation programs including classes to output the reports in XML format using JAXP. Also architected generic classes to aid in generation of other complex reports and helped extensively with performance tuning of SQL used to access the Oracle 8i data warehouse. The re-factoring reduced the development time of a report to two days from two weeks.

August 1998-October 2000 Major Financial Institution - Consultant

Worked on WebLogic EJB/JSP project to build a universal document delivery architecture that integrated document delivery across all enterprise systems. System supported XML and EJB interface and is now used to integrate documents of over 20 applications throughout the bank.

Converted an existing Powerbuilder reporting application into a browser based application. Client/Server system and Web system both function against same back-end system and I was able to architect it so that both systems would run concurrently allowing for a gradual client migration path. System was built with DHTML/JavaScript for the browser on the front-end and Web.PB/Sybase/CICS/DB2 on the back-end. Utilized browser DHTML functionality to improve system performance and enhance usability for users that were used to a heavy client interface. This system was the banks first major browser based applications and it used an Ajax-like architecture 8 years before Ajax design patterns were first published. Much of the front-end code that I built for this application is still in use today, 10 years later, even after the Web.PB back-end was eventually replaced with J2EE.

Evaluated the first web application monitoring tools for the bank. The recommendation became the bank standard for monitoring.

Trained client employees on Web architecture and proper use of DHTML and JavaScript for applications.

July 1992-July 1998 Major retailer - Consultant

I spent six years with this client, working on many projects. Below are some of the highlights of that time.

Designed and programmed an Intranet application to allow corporate users to view sales and inventory reports from the corporate data warehouse. Created Java Servlets that used NCR TopEnd Java Remote Services for backend data access to Teradata warehouse. The report returned from the Unix service was reformatted into an HTML table for display in a browser. After teaching myself Java, I introduced the use of Java Servlet technology to my client when Java was in its early stages. After this project, java became the tool of choice for their web development.

Designed and programmed an OS/2 to Win/OS2 link between an OS/2 ESL application and a Windows Powerbuilder application. The link allowed the OS/2 application and Windows application to behave seamlessly as if they were one application. This allowed the client to slowly migrate their ESL application to Powerbuilder over time and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by reusing the backend CICS programs. I received the prestigious Showcase Award in the category of "What A Great Idea" for these innovations, the first time ever given to a non-employee.

Designed and programmed a sales and inventory reporting system. This system won the Computerworld Client/Server Award for Technology Excellence. Client software was created using Powerbuilder 5.0. I redesigned a major portion of the user interface that was then used as an example for other projects to follow. While learning Powerbuilder and trying to solve some of the complexities of the reporting requirements, I created a dynamic datawindow builder that created datawindows based on the users report requests.

Designed and supported the development effort of an invoicing system used by a major retailer. The client was created using ESL, while the server was CICS DB2 programs on the mainframe. I built the ESL architecture for the project using a combination of programming shells and an ESL code generator I wrote using REXX. The code generator was used to help save development time, as the ESL programmers for the project were client employees with no ESL experience. I trained and mentored the employees through the entire development process including GUI design, programming and implementation.

May 1991-July 1992 Major manufacturer - Consultant

This was my first project as an independent consultant. I designed and supported the programming effort of a product/price system. The client was created using ESL, while the server was CICS DB2 programs on the mainframe. I wrote an ESL code generator in REXX to simplify the development effort and trained the client employees as well as the accounting firm consultants that were running the project

May 1991-Aug 2008 CodeWorks, Inc - Co-Owner, WebPassage, Inc. - Owner

Co-founded a consulting company that eventually grew to over 20 consultants with multi-million dollar revenues. Managed many full-time employees, including giving performance reviews. Wrote class material which we used to teach in our training center. Actively recruited and placed consultants at various client sites. I left CodeWorks when relocating to California in the year 2000 and at that time founded my current company WebPassage, Inc.

May 1988-May 1991 Continental Bank N.A - Senior Consultant

Designed and programmed a Cash Management Workstation used for proposal generation, product ordering, and product implementation, Easel was used for the OS/2 client. Data was retrieved from the server using C access modules running on the server.

Project leader for the construction of an interface between the Commercial Loan system and the Letter of Credit system. Responsibilities included coordinating the project and efforts of three programmers. Redesigned the original design, which saved 50% of programming effort.

Participated in many other projects utilizing COBOL, TSO CLIST, TSO REXX, ISPF Panel development, and LAN administration.

August 1986-May 1988 McDonalds Corporation - Programmer/Analyst

Participated in many projects utilizing EASYTRIEVE, FOCUS, COBOL, TSO CLIST and Lotus 1-2-3 macros. I was also PC support for the department.

Fluent in

Crystal Enterprise 9 & Business Objects XIR2 RAS API, Crystal Reports, Weblogic EJB/JSP, Java/J2EE, JMS/MQ, Eclipse IDE, XML, Ajax, Struts, JSF, Xalan/Xerces/XSLT, C++, NetCharts, JDBC, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, OOD/OOP, Perl, SQL, DB2, Windows NT/XP, AIX, Solaris, Linux, Design Patterns

Fluent at one time

Powerbuilder 4.0/5.0/6.0, PFC 5.0, Web.PB, ADW case tool, Easel/ESL, EASYTRIEVE, COBOL, FOCUS, BASIC, FORTRAN, dBase, Foxbase, IMS, QSAM, VSAM, ISPF macro, MVS JCL, REXX, IBM 30XX

Northern Illinois University

1986 Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Minor in mathematics.

References are available upon request

Here is an excerpt from a letter of reference one of my clients wrote.

"Mike has many excellent characteristics which make him an outstanding professional. He has an exceptional ability to produce high quality, innovative, efficient and cost effective technical solutions to business problems, and he does so with phenomenal speed. His ability to learn new technology is quite amazing. Typically he teaches himself a new product and quickly becomes a leader in applying the technology..."

"From a soft skills perspective, Mike has been a true team player...everyone enjoys working with him. He is an extremely good listener, is very helpful to others and he communicates well both orally and in written form."

"...Mike has a combination of intelligence, speed, attitude, soft skills and superior technical abilities that is extremely rare..."

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